Confezione Gioielli spa, owner of the brand "FLAVIO CASTELLANI" was born in 1998 from the union between the creativity of the designer Rita Ricci and the commercial and managerial skills of Flavio Castellani. Since the early years the company has been characterized by the particularity of products based on a modern, feminine and gritty style.
Our headquarters is in Prato, an area of ancient textile tradition, and in this environment we have distinguished ourselves as a of the most dynamic companies in the sector.
With the first entrepreneurial successes, Confezione Gioielli undertook a process of development and restructuring of the commercial network which saw the transformation of the company into a joint-stock company and the presence of the “Flavio Castellani "Has enjoyed a growing success that has led to having more than 70 employees in the workforce, reaching almost 200 considering the entire induced.


Lab styling is the creative soul of the company. Here ideas come to life. Here we meet for the brain storming from which the collections that we always want to achieve with quality without renouncing to originality are born.
Creativity and reliability are the basis of all our work. Analysis of the proposals coming from abroad and from the internal market are another important aspect that leads us to keep up with every new trend, without ever giving up our personality. Added to this is a continuous team study and comparison of materials, shapes, colors and everything else that can add value to the style of our collections.
Flavio Castellani is able to supply timely supplies Italian and foreign sales outlets with the news that the market requires, thanks to the collaboration of our Italian workers and the wool mills we work with.


Our management structure is geared towards guaranteeing maximum results at the creative and commercial level; this thanks to the constant commitment of Flavio, general manager, and Rita, coordinator of the style office: both daily transmit to collaborators the inspiring principles that have made the brand "Flavio Castellani" among the most important and dynamic in the sector, and in particular : centrality of tangible excellence in fashion and design,
continuous search for new lines and organizational forms to continue being at the forefront; search for value and formal refinement; constant productive attention to details and precision in processing.
Great attention is paid to the selection of suppliers and collaborators, to modeling and to the preparation of prototypes. Every aspect is chosen with care and attention: only in this way can we guarantee a product of style and quality and an increasingly qualified service.


Our debut dates back to 1998 with the first Flavio Castellani women's collection. Since then our journey in the field of women's fashion has led us further and further, in the pursuit of continuous improvement. Our collections mirror us and follow us step by step in our personal evolution. Our style is modern, gritty and elegant: the Flavio Castellani woman is both sober and sensual. Respect for a working methodology in the typical Italian tradition is combined with the ability to look to the future to anticipate styles and trends. Craftsmanship and technology together to create garments of excellent quality in the continuity and consolidation of Made in Italy.


We guarantee a qualified distribution network with a widespread presence on the national territory and in the most important commercial areas. The desire to be close to our customers every day has allowed us to expand progressively in Italy and abroad with single-brand boutiques and directly managed showrooms. Currently, the domestic market covers around 60% while the European market covers 20% of our business volume. In particular growth, thanks above all to the commercial and development strategies developed by the management, are the Asian and North American markets (20%).


Our company boasts numerous single-brand boutiques in the main Italian and international cities, including Florence, Rome, Milan and Portocervo in Italy and St Tropez, Dubai, Miami, Beirut abroad. To see the complete list of our boutiques click here .


Each of our stores is a special place. Architecture and design are conceived so as to focus on the needs of customers, focusing attention on the collection, thanks to clean and essential lines of furniture and lights. This is because our stores also reflect the desire to never be distracted by customer needs. Entering a Flavio Castellani concept store, you will begin an interactive journey made up of clothes and accessories that you can wear and match. The philosophy of our stores is the same as our every suit: attention to detail, elegance, originality and hospitality.


Our marketing and our communication work to create a strong sense of belonging in the collaborators and customers of the "Flavio Castellani". We work to enhance our collections through a careful analysis of what allows the best use between product and customer: for this we do not limit ourselves to supplying the shops to us loyal but we also provide an important support of visual merchandising to better set up shop windows and corners .
We are not interested in surprising, but in transmitting the values that have always distinguished us with sobriety and balance. The best communication is the satisfaction of our customers.